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liyang Sifang will participate in the China Dairy Industry Association Technology Exhibition

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2017/06/10 01:42
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From August 25th to August 27th, 2017, the 23rd Annual Meeting of the China Dairy Industry Association and the 17th Dairy Technology Exhibition will be held in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia. Xiangyang Sifang will participate in the exhibition.

This dairy product technology exhibition integrates comprehensiveness, pertinence and professionalism. It is a good platform to understand the development trend of domestic and foreign dairy products, new technologies, new products and information exchange. It is also a learning, communication and trade negotiation. A good opportunity to find a partner. During the exhibition, relevant leaders, foreign enterprise pavilions and domestic and foreign dairy experts will be invited to attend the conference, which will surely be a global dairy industry event.

Our company will display new research results, including flow control valve (with Samson control head), new anti-mix valve (the actual use effect can reach the level of similar products in Europe, can replace imported products), sanitary pipe fittings (in The dairy industry has a wide range of applications)..



Exhibition address: Hall B, International Exhibition Center, Hohhot, Inner Mongolia (Intersection of East Exit and East 2nd Ring, East Street, Hohhot University)

Booth No: B100

Looking forward to cooperating with the guests from all directions!